I drum unlike the others. My drumming is based on the most fundamental, universal and styleless elements and that is why it is not rooted in any tradition. It is as I am, as is the place where I was born and where I live – very old and small mountains from time immemorial called The Bald Mountains.
One can play a solo concert to show one's virtuosity. One can play a solo concert to tell a story. MONODRUM is a story told by six drums and one man. Told with a language of rhythms, patterns, beats, sounds, hits, strokes, tensions, vibrations, tremblings, shakings, thunders, tempoes, knocks, grinds, contrasts, breaks, rests, stops, moves, taps, rolls, rushes ..... most simple and most abstract language. A tale lasting almost an hour that everybody can decipher in one's own way.

And probably it can't be the other way round. In my case. Because I will never hear my own music, I will never imagine my own band, I will never compose a symphony or even a song. Nevertheless, like composing a tune horrifies me, like writing a text horrifies someone else. And like writing a music for a theatre performance doesn't horrify somebody, like writing a book doesn't horrify me. Although the word “horrify” is not a proper word. Which word would be proper here?
MONODRUM is more a book than a concert. With no doubt. And like all my books, both paper and hypertext ones, this drummed one should be multi-dimension and multi-stratum. Like in case of liBerature, this is not only the text that is telling the story, but all other elements of a book as well: shape of fonts, page layout, colours, construction, cover, drawings, signs..... like in case of MONODRUM these are not only music sounds that are telling the story but all other sounds and non-sound elements as well. But “should” means it is not, it will be ..... one day ...... if I have enough time and power – the task is not easy and my body is less and less supple....
I have always been interesting in the problem of an open book, changing book, growing book..... Non-completed Theory of Art is just a pile of not bound, loose leaves kept in a wooden box. Each copy that I print has different number of pages because a new essay or a visual poem has been added. Nevertheless the copy already printed will always be the same, because each time you open the box you will find in it the same pages (unless you replace them with other pages, but then this will be another book); although you may change the order of taking the pages out of the box and thus the order of reading you may not change the shape and content of a single page..... Similarly in case of hypertext. Although The End of the World According to Emeryk gives a really huge number of possibilities how to read the story, each time you open a hypertext file you will see the same screen..... Maybe MONODRUM is, at last, a truly open and changing book because each time you come to MONODRUM you will hear and see (and read) something different, very or slightly, since each time my hands will see and hear (and write) something else and will compose themselves in a different story lightly flying above...